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This smart adaptor allows you to control small appliances around your home such as lamps, fans, and others that require a plug in power source.



Connect your smart adaptor to your home Wi-Fi via the linked app and you can control any light from in or outside your home.


Set Schedules

Turn connected devices on and off at designated times. Eliminate energy waist and turn off appliances you are not using on a scheduled time.


Voice Control

This adaptor works with Alexa and Google Assistant.


Use the smart life app to connect other smart devices around your home.


No Hub Required

The smart adaptor works with any secured wireless network without the need for a separate hub.


Intelligent USB Power

The dual usb ports can charge any devices where a USB is required. Prevent damage from overcharging with inbuilt surge protector.

220V Smart Adaptor with 2 USB Slots

$59.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
    • iOS/Android
    • Voice control
    • Energy Saving
    • Smart timer
    • Dual USB Charge Port